Congruenc ModelMove! partners with you to 're-invent' your organization towards sustainable performance and development in a VUCA world. In co-creation with all stakeholders we help you address the 3 key questions : Direction, Collaboration and Learning.

Based on humanistic & social values, we use behavioral science to design organizations, workplaces and professional relationships in order to improve the performance of your organization, your learning capabilities and engagement of all.

We look at organizations as social systems where people work together towards a shared purpose, with an ethic of contribution and the intention to collaborate. We help you rethink organizational dimensions as vision, strategy, leadership, culture, structure, information, reward systems, work policies and procedures. The final goal being overall organizational performance and added value for all stakeholders. In that sense we support organizations to develop their social and societal responsibility and focus on the sustainable development of the organization.

What that means in practice, will differ from one organization to another, but Move! will help you ask the right question, bring the right stakeholders together and help you formulate YOUR ANSWERS.

In general, the global, unpredictable and rapidly changing business context points in one direction : Developing strong shared ambition to create value, through an organic system with all stakeholders involved in the dialogue, with limited hiërarchy, distributed leadership, professional networks, transversal collaboration and autonomous professionals who can experiment and innovate.

OD Concept

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