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Our Inspiration

Our vision on learning and Organizational Development, but also our relationship with our customers is inspired by professionals, students, teachers and fellow consultants we engage with and the numerous books and websites we went to for ideas.  They made us think and make up our mind about how we wanted to work in organizations.  And since Knowledge only Grows when Shared we are happy to give you a look into what inspires us.                                                                

Move! articles

In this section we share with you a number of articles, interviews or contributions to conferences that show aspects of our work and vision on...

Video Selection

In this thumbnail wall, we brought together a number of interesting video's on Organizational Development and Leadership.  Click on the thumbnail for...

Our Bookshelf

This is a selection of books that inspires our work at Move!  Check out the links for each of the books offering you related materials (excerpt of...

Dialogic Organization Development

How do Organizations 'develop' ? In change management and OD we traditionally approached issues with a 'diagnostic' mindset, meaning that a...

Consultants in Organizations

Why do you ask consultants to help you in your organization ? Is it about having them tell you what the problem is and how to solve it ?  Or do you...

Distributed Leadership & Autonomous Motivation

Who told you : "you're not in charge" ? The realisation that organizations can only cope with the very unpredictable, changing and complex context...

Learning Organization

Learing Organisations to cope with VUCA world... The fast changing, unpredictable, complex and globalized business context most organization operate in...

Change Management

Change happens when people relate and interact... This article is making a stunning observation.  Since Kotter an astonishing quantity of research,...

Job Crafting : A new look at job and workplace design

A job allowing you to contribute with everything you've got ? Nowadays organizations are looking at ways to improve their innovative power, their...

Peer-to-Peer & Sharing Economy

Is there another way to organizing in our Economy ? Due to changing economical, societal and ecological challenges we ask ourselves the question...

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