Working together, learning, coaching and improving teams in Corona times?

Corona presents our organization with huge challenges, now that during the crisis working, working together, managing, learning from each other, staying connected with each other has become anything but simple. As a manager, HR manager or change coach, how do you support employees who are suddenly confronted with unknown situations and limitations that make normal cooperation impossible. Employees who are also under considerable pressure due to working from home, home schooling and all kinds of obstacles to normal life.

And even after Corona, it will not just be 'business as usual'. How will we 'heal' the organization and, above all, learn from what we experienced together during the crisis.

Equally, for Move! as an OD advisor, coach and facilitator of teams, workshops, focus groups etc ... a lot is suddenly no longer possible. In order to still be able to support organizations and still be able to serve you and contribute, we have devised a number of formats that can be used during Corona times.

  • A Learning Platform for Executives, Team Managers, HR Managers and Change Coaches to learn from and with each other about how we can continue to work together, learn, contribute and connect in Corona times.

    The platform brings people from different organizations together in peer-to-peer intervision or brainstorming formats to deal with these new challenges for organizations and to reflect on how we can strengthen our organizations after Corona.

    The platform offers : video chat, document share and a forum function. After registration, you can take the initiative to schedule a video chat and invite people from the network.

    Fee : Free (but need to register)

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  • Managers, HR & Change manager have a lot of questions about performance, collaboration, learning, innovation, change during the Corona crisis and afterwards. What do we learn about our organization through these 'uncertain times' and how will we use it to further develop as an organization? Move! provides online consultancy on questions, concerns, and post-corona plans to empower your organization.

    Format: Intake Session (online - 30 min) + intermediate period for reflection by customer and Move! + Consultancy and Support Session (online - 60 min) Adviceprocess GB


    Fee : 250 Euro (ex. VAT)

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  • the intervision lay-outWorking from Home, social distancing and lockdown make it very different & difficult to learn from each other and get each other's input for issues you are dealing with. That is why Move! proposes facilitated online Intervision sessions, to learn, to tap into each others' experience and to get colleagues think about the challenges you face and brainstorm about possible paths to deal with this. The figure shows the flow and layout of 1 session. Format :

    • in groups of five participant
    • intake session : intro, explain the methodology, agree on planning.
    • five intervision session (+/- 40 minutes) with 2 weeks interval 

    Fee : 600 Euro for the process, job-aids included (120 Euro per person) (ex. VAT)

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Online coaching, advice & peer supervision is possible from Monday through Thursday, including the evenings (by appointment).

  • How do you play your role as executive or team manager in your 'corona disturbed' organization? How do you support people remotely? How do you keep noses in the same direction and how can people work together without being together? And what does this do to you? Do you feel you are losing the overview? Are you bothered by the fact that you just have to trust people to do their work or are you still trying to control from a distance?

    So many questions. And then a sounding board is welcome, a coach who triggers you and who helps you deal with this situation well and not just undergo the situation and the stress involved.


    Format : 3 one hour coaching sessions (more if necessary)

    Fee : 300 Euro ex. VAT (for 3 sessions and materials included)

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  • It sounds so obvious, just working from home, with today's technology that is no problem. But the reality looks very different. How do you keep structure? Do you miss feedback and support, not always able to just ask what they think? Do you feel that you are missing out on information? Do you manage to keep all the balls in the air, your work, your children staying at home, supporting them in their online school work, your other housemates who have a completely different working pattern ...Move! offers you a sounding board and helps you to get structure in your day, tries to find out with you what you need to function properly and how you can get it in these 'online' times.

    Karasek modelBalance between what is asked from you, how much of control and volition you have over your work and your day, and the practical, social, professional and emotional support you get, defines how healthy you can work (from home).

    Format : 3 one hour coaching sessions (more if necessary)

    Fee : 300 Euro ex. VAT (for 3 sessions, materials included)

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Online coaching, advice & peer supervision is possible from Monday through Thursday, including the evenings (by appointment).

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