Strategic Leadership

whatwedo3aStrategic Leadership Development  is about creating a shared vision and strategy for the organization through solid analysis, stakeholder involvement, identifying strategic challenges and creating an innovative and sustainable approach to your business.  It's also about creating alignment and focus, building shared and distributed leadership, enabling all stakeholders to contribute their energy, initiative, expertise and experience to make 'the strategy' happen.  It is also about developing 'sensibility' for societal, technological, ecological, and demographic challenges and use them to permanently change the strategic approach.

A high performing organization is agile, capable of inventing rapidly new answers to the global, fast changing, complex and unpredictable business environment, and capable to connect expertise and experience for innovation.

In order to develop that capability, you need shared and distributed leadership that allows for initiative and quick responses.  Leadership solely from the top won't work anymore : too slow, not capable of grasping the complexity of today's decisions, not capable of capitalizing on the energy and expertise of modern knowledge workers, not effective and not efficient in a fast changing world.

In order to connect the initiatives distributed leadership creates, an organization needs a strongly shared vision and strategy so people can take decisions and initiatives that are contributing in the best possible way to their collective performance.


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